Working At Heights Hazard

Working At Heights Hazard
Before you go up at height. Stop and Think.
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What does it mean to "Work at Height"?

  • Working in any place above ground level where a person could fall causing injury. This includes working on a ladder, scaffolding, flat or sloped roofs, near an edge or an opening in a floor or wall and many, many more.

    You are working at height if you are:

    • Above ground/floor level
    • Could fall from an edge
    • Near an opening or fragile surface

    Download a Working at Height protection and rescue plan (PDF, 1.29 MB)


What are the Key Challenges of Working at Heights?

There are key challenges of working at heights: leading edge – sharp edges, fall clearance, and dropped objects. Whether conducting a hazard assessment or developing a comprehensive fall protection plan, thinking about the key challenges before the work begins will help to prevent falls.

  • Training can help ensure those who work at heights are aware of hazards they may face and know how to carry out their job safely. 3M Safety Training offers a variety of fall protection classes, training and services to fit your needs: Instructor-led training in facilities across the US, On-site training at your job site, eLearning courses, and virtual reality apps.

Compliance and Equipment

Working at Heights Hazard Products

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