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Man trying VR training
Virtual Reality Safety Training

Interactive health & safety training apps designed to support training efficiency and effectiveness – without breaking your budget.

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Training a multi-generational workforce to keep safety top of mind?

  • 3M Virtual Reality Working at Heights Awareness Training

    Create memorable, interactive learning opportunities in a safe virtual environment. Anywhere, anytime.

    With limited time and budget, it can be challenging to:

    • capture employee engagement
    • create memorable learning experiences
    • accommodate different learning styles
    • verify competency after training.

    When incorporated into workplace training programs, 3M™ Virtual Reality Safety Training software apps can be a helpful tool to create memorable, interactive learning opportunities to practice hands-on skills and reinforce knowledge in a safe environment. Read more about the many benefits of VR on our blog.

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Infographic explaining the benefits of virtual reality
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Subscription Options For Your Training Needs

Whether you want to use VR Safety Training as a tool to support your training programs for one event, one month, one year or more, choose your subscription term based on your unique training needs.

  • Screenshot of 3M Fundamentals of Fall Protection VR Pro

    3M Fundamentals of Fall Protection VR Pro

    Up to 40 Minutes - 10 mins per module.

    Step into the Fundamentals of Fall Protection: a 4-part, high engagement Virtual Reality simulation from 3M, designed to help maximize safety training efficiency and effectiveness without breaking your budget.

  • Screenshot of 3M Fall Protection Harness Inspection

    3M Fall Protection Harness Inspection

    10 Minutes

    Trainees will learn how to inspect a harness and be challenged to identify four defects in two minutes. Play through the VR scenario multiple times to build and reinforce knowledge by encountering different defects each time.

  • Screenshot of 3M Working at Heights Awareness

    3M Working at Heights Awareness

    10 Minutes

    An immersive experiences where trainees will connect self-retracting lifelines and protect tools from falling at height.

  • screenshot of **3M Welding Demonstration

    3M Welding Demonstration

    5 minutes

    Trainees will be able to experience the difference between welding with a passive helment and an auto-darkening helment in this gamified interactive experience.

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Supporting Your Implementation

Whether or not you are an early adopter of technology, we can help you implement our VR Safety Training as a tool to supplement your training programs.

  • FAQ: As a customer, what will I receive with my subscription?
    You will receive an email with your license keys, software, set up instructions, instructional videos and three months of free Remote IT Support.
  • Our commitment to support your implementation, plus 3 months of free remote IT support with every subscription. This includes:

    • Install Software
    • Set Starting Position
    • Tips for playing through the app if you get stuck
    • Provide tips to coach your team through experience
    • Experiencing a glitch? Tell us so we can fix it.

    Contact 3M Virtual Reality Support at vrapplicationsupport@mmm.com with questions.

  • It depends on your training needs. Do you want to train multiple people on the same device? Do you want to offer multiple VR stations on your site? Or do you have multiple locations where you would like to implement this training tool? Each purchased license can only be used with one (1) installation of the Software on a single computing device. If multiple installations are needed on multiple computing devices, you will need the equivalent amount of licenses.
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Easy to try, easy to buy

  • VR training icon

    Request a quote by selecting which VR app you are interested in, choose your subscription term and estimate how many licenses you will need. A 3M Safety Training Specialist will provide you with a custom quote.

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