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When it comes to protecting workers on your job site - no matter where it is - 3M Safety Training offers a variety of classes and services to meet your needs. Our full range of fall protection, confined space and rescue training courses are offered at our state-of-the-art training centers throughout the year. We also offer all safety training classes on-site, customized to the unique environment of your facility.

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    Open Enrollment Safety Training

    3M Safety Training has a network of facilities designed to immerse the student in extensive skills development activities that will prepare them for the diverse demands of your job sites. Our open enrollment classes are a great opportunity to learn with other safety professionals from various trades while receiving industry-leading safety training.

    View our open enrollment training courses below.

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    On-Site Safety Training

    Train your team in their own work environment with our on-site training. We will send an experienced trainer and the necessary safety equipment to provide safety training for your team. This avoids the disruption of sending your workforce offsite and adds the flexibility to incorporate workplace scenarios where appropriate. 

Fall Protection Safety Training Open Enrollment Courses

Our fall protection and confined space courses teach relevant concepts and principles, proper usage, and pre-use inspection requirements of the parts of fall arrest or confined space systems. We offer rescue courses to provide skill-specific hands-on training, so you are prepared in the event of a rescue situation.

All courses are instructor-led by certified 3M Safety Trainers. In-person training is available at select locations and with set schedules. Our Virtual Instructor Led Training is only available for specific classes and are included in the open enrollment schedule where available.

Our Certified Instructor programs are designed to develop your knowledge and understanding to achieve certification to teach select 3M Safety Training courses.  Also referred to as train-the-trainer programs, our Certified Instructor programs are built for content consistency and provide a turn-key training solution.

Learn more about each of the courses we offer or view the current open enrollment schedules and enroll today.

3M Safety Training Overview

Learn more about the 3M Safety Training organization and the valuable training experiences available to you.

Give your team the training they need to succeed.

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    Our Instructors

    3M has a dedicated team of experienced instructors around the world. The experience and competence of trainers, and the thoroughness of the curriculum they teach, is critical to the effectiveness of a training course. Look for courses with experienced, certified trainers and a strong history of expertise. We also have knowledge and expertise in many industries, enabling our instructors to optimize the training experience for your workers.

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    Global Footprint

    3M Safety Training offers a broad curriculum of courses in our training centers around the world, from fall protection and confined space, to rescue and specialty courses aligned to a specific trade or industry.

    We also offer a Certified Instructor program, enabling you to train 3M curriculum to others. 3M Safety Training has a trainer network that offers on-site training options where we travel to you. Our experienced trainers and comprehensive programs can be delivered right at your own facility. 

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    Topics & Certification

    Each course will cover specific topics and teach an appropriate level of skills required by OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Some courses address working at heights, others working in confined spaces; some are for the workers themselves, others for rescuers, and still others for those who train the workers or rescuers.

    Some workers require training to a particular standard or to receive a formal certification. Be sure to select courses that meet that need.

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    Training Centers

    As a student, how you learn has a significant impact on course effectiveness and knowledge retention. Our training facilities are equipped with the right structures and equipment to replicate the job environment you work in daily. Our curriculum is designed with a mix of lecture and presentation, skill development activities and skills workshops to deliver a high-quality learning experience.

    At our site or yours, 3M Safety Trainers deliver quality curriculum, designed with a focus on learner engagement, knowledge retention, and practical application.

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    3M Worker Health & Safety eLearning

    Implement training anywhere, anytime with flexible and mobile eLearning. Get access to valuable health and safety education and training resources via 3M Academy. Choose from an offering of modules and topics covering respiratory protection, protective eyewear, hearing protection and more. Get started today.

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    Fall Protection Demonstration Vehicles

    Our fleet of specialized vehicles can bring on-site, hands-on fall protection demonstrations to your workforce. This provides an excellent introduction to fall protection..

    Our fleet of specialized vehicles can bring on-site, hands-on fall protection demonstrations to your workforce. This provides an excellent introduction to fall protection.

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