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With 3M Welding Disposable and Reusable Respirators.

Receive a no-cost sample of our comfortable, breathe-easier, low-profile respirators designed to work with your 3M™ Speedglas™ welding helmet!

Before use, contact your safety manager to verify respirator is appropriate for your use at the work site.

  • 3M Welding Disposable Respirator Sample
    Reusable Respirator Solutions

     When shifts are long and conditions are challenging, your people will appreciate having the 3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6500 Series. With 3M’s Quick Latch drop-down mechanism and Cool Flow™ valve, it’s easy on, easy off and comfortable. Choose your facepiece size (small, medium, large) below.

    The 3M™ Advanced Particulate Filter 2297, P100 with nuisance level organic vapor, was designed to make breathing easier while lasting longer. NIOSH approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles. 3M recommended for relief against nuisance level organic vapors and and for ozone protection up to 10X OSHA PEL.

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  • 3M Welding Reusable Respirator Sample
    Disposable Respirator Solutions

    The 8214 N95 disposable respirator is designed where metal fumes are present including those with ozone and nuisance level organic vapors. Cake-resistant and includes a comfortable foam face seal.

    The 8515 N95 disposable respirator is an economical option for welders. Features welding web, adjustable M-Noseclip, and braided headbands to help provide a custom and secure seal.

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