3M™ Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T Series

When the heat is on, we have you covered. Watch it in action.

  • Engineered to withstand radiant heat loads up to 375°F, the NEW 3M™ Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T is the foundation of an integrated system of advanced personal protection equipment. The H-700T is designed specifically for elevated temperature applications ranging from metalworking and smelting to glass manufacturing.

  • 3M Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T Series

    More comfortable to wear. More convenient to use.

    The new design and materials offer lightweight protection
    (less than 380 g) while the use of existing head suspension
    provides proven comfort, security and adjustability.

  • 3M Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T Series

    Designed to take the heat.

    The H-700T with Aluminum Front Cover (FC1-AL) is designed to
    work with our high heat faceshields to help keep your cool in
    radiant heat environments.

Integrated Protection. Comfort without compromise.

See complete integrated system
  • 3M PPE products are designed with the safety and comfort of workers in mind. Together these products form an integrated system that makes it simpler for you to help keep your workers stay safe on the job.

  • 3M™ Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T

    Designed specifically for elevated temperature applications

    View Hard Hat

    3M™ Front Hard Hat Cover FC1-AL

    Designed to provide additional protection from heat to the wearer and the hard hat.

    View Hard Hat Cover

    3M™ Molten Metal Neck Guard NC2-GR

    Designed to help protect against molten metal splash, radiant heat and flame hazards

    View Neck Guard

    3M™ Elevated Temperature Universal Faceshield Hold

    Designed for integration of face protection with 3M™ Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T.

    View Faceshield Holder

    3M™ HIE6 Protective Eyewear

    Integrated eye protection for hard hats

    View Protective Eyewear

    3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs X Series

    Integrated hearing protection

    View Earmuffs

    3M™ W-Series High Heat Faceshields

    Made of durable, impact-resistant polycarbonate. Mount quickly and easily to the holder system.

    View Faceshields
    Compatible PPE

    3M™ Elevated Temperature Hard Hat H-700T is compatible with certain 3M personal protective equipment.

    It is the responsibility of the employer to determine if the personal protective equipment is suitable for the application based on the worksite hazard assessment, applicable standards, and environmental conditions. Not all accessories are rated to elevated temperatures.

    Earmuffs are not rated for exposure to direct elevated temperatures.

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