• So long, solvents. Hello, water and plants.

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    So long, solvents. Hello, water and plants.
    • Scotch® Greener Home and Office Tapes

      For nearly half a century, the formula for success with Scotch™ Brand adhesive products have involved more than their ability to stick. It’s based on green chemistry that has helped 3M move away from the solvents often associated with adhesives.

      In 1968, 3M replaced the solvent adhesive previously used in Scotch® Magic™ Tape and Scotch® Brand Single-Sided Home & Office Tapes with a water-based adhesive invented by 3M scientists. Scotch™ Brand Packaging Tapes, meanwhile, have been made with a solvent-free adhesive for more than a decade, a rarity in the packaging tapes category.

      The green science of Scotch™ Brand products hasn’t stopped there. Scotch® Greener Home and Office Tapes are made from 65 percent recycled or plant-based materials and all Scotch® Super 77™ and Scotch® Spray Mount™ Spray Adhesives sold in the U.S. comply with the lower VOC limits set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in January, 2017.

      3M’s dedication to reducing the impact Scotch™ Brand products have on the environment has been producing positive results for a long time. It’s how we roll.