• Recycle me.

    Scotch mount being applied to a frame.

    • Scotch® Mounting Tape product

      You value products like Post-it® Notes, Command™ Damage Free Hanging Solutions, Nexcare™ Tapes, and Scotch® Mounting Tapes because of their quality and unparalleled performance.

      Now you can add sustainability as another reason to like them. The 3M Consumer Business Group is working to make its packaging recyclable by eliminating polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from its packaging. PVC is not curbside recyclable and is a problematic contaminant in the plastic recycling stream.

      Many brands and retailers have announced goals to reduce their environmental footprint by making and selling products with recyclable, reusable or industrially compostable packaging by 2025. 3M’s efforts to improve its packaging support these goals.

      3M has been systematically transitioning blister packages from PVC to recycled polyester (rPET), the same plastic used to make water bottles. To date, more than 1060 products have been transitioned away from PVC, and more are in process. In 2020 alone, these changes eliminated 455,000 pounds of PVC packaging!

      Improving the recyclability of our packaging is just one of many activities that 3M is implementing as part of our strategic focus on advancing a circular economy that designs out waste, keeps products and materials in use, and integrates more renewable raw materials.