• The one-stop wall surface repair shop.

    3M Trifecta Design Orange
    The one-stop wall surface repair shop.

    • 3M Patch plus primer 4 in 1

      When you’re holding a tube of 3M™ Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1, you’re holding more than a tube of Patch Plus Primer compound for wall surface repairs. You’re also holding a tube that doubles as a reusable putty knife and sanding pad. It’s truly four products in one. So when you need to repair a small hole, crack or other flaw on a wall, you have a choice. You can search for four products that give you what you need to do the job. Or you can pick up this one package that has everything you need.

      It’s an ideal solution for repairing damaged surfaces such as drywall, plaster, stucco and wood. There’s no need to prime, no shrinking or cracking after application and you are ready to paint within 30 minutes of applying.1

      The packaging industry has taken note. Packaging Digest, which awarded the 4-in-1 package design a Trashies 2016 sustainability award, said, “3M has gone from four separate product packages to just one for substantial savings in packaging materials.” Meanwhile, the World Packaging Organization in giving this product a 2016 WorldStar packaging award, said, “It simplifies life for do-it-yourselfers.”

      In other words, it’s good for the environment, and for the people improving their environment.

      1 Based on 1/2-inch diameter by 1/8-inch deep hole.