• A note to nature.

    3M Trifecta Design Green
    A note to nature.

    • Post-it® Greener Pop-up Notes

      Post-it® Greener Pop-up Notes have always made a big impression in messaging, and a smaller impression on our environment. The “greener” version of popular 3M note pads is made with an adhesive that is 67% plant-based material by weight. It’s also made with 100 percent recycled paper, so no new trees are used. In addition, Post-it® Greener notes are also recyclable.

      But now 3M has created an even greener version of Post-it® Greener Pop-up Notes. By eliminating individual film wrapping and quantity bundling of the note pads, less printing and paper are required than before. In fact, in the first eight months since implementing the new packaging design, more than 12 million printing impressions have been eliminated, along with 21-23 percent of the packaging weight per SKU. These reductions help benefit the environment and online retailers who are looking to lighten the cost of shipping products to customers.

      It should also be noted that, while their sustainability features have been enhanced, the productivity of Post-it® Greener Notes hasn’t changed. They’re where you need them when you want them.