• Extreme grip on recycled boxes.

    boxes filled with bike gear

      • Gone are the days of using multiple layers of tape to feel confident your package is secure. With Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape, you need just one strip and it ships! Use less tape and seal box seams confidently with one strip of Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape.

      • Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape sticks instantly to any box, even 100% recycled cardboard ones, which better enables the use of recycled boxes and extends their usability. The tape has the power of extreme grip to ensure box seams stay securely sealed, even during rough handling.

      • Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape is manufactured in the US* in Cynthiana, Kentucky, which is a zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing facility. It is made with an advanced solvent-free adhesive that creates a secure seal that locks in your contents and locks out everything else. The tape’s thickness and durability reduce splitting and tearing and makes it easier to find the start of the roll.

      • The extreme grip of Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape is designed for better box adhesion, seals box edges and seams securely, and is guaranteed to stay sealed.** Try the newest advanced adhesive in the Scotch® Packaging tape family – America’s #1 selling packaging tape brand.***

      • *With US and globally sourced materials
        **If your box does not stay sealed, 3M will refund the purchase price of the tape. Proof of purchase required.
        ***Based on NPD Full Year 2020 Packaging Tape Category Sales