• Command™ Packaging commands more respect.

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    Command™ Packaging commands more respect.
    • Command more from your packaging.

      Command™ Hanging Solutions have always been easy on the environment they’re used on. Whether you are hanging pictures, organizing homewares, or decorating for the holidays, they let you do it without leaving hammer marks, nails or holes in the wall.

      And recently this innovative product has gone a step further for the environment. As part of a 3M packaging optimization initiative, the plastic “blister” packaging on most Command™ Hooks was changed from PVC plastic to recycled polyester (rPET). As a result, the new plastic blister packaging is recyclable.1 In addition, the rPET material contains 5-15 percent recycled content.

      Annually, this packaging improvement project will convert over 400,000 pounds of plastic packaging material to an environmentally “friendlier” option.

      This is just one example in a company-wide effort to reduce the amount of packaging on our products, use packaging materials that can easily be recycled, and utilize packaging materials made from recycled content.

      As a result of this ongoing initiative, 3M has reduced designed packaging weight in the United States for nine straight years, delivering a cumulative reduction of more than 28.6 million pounds.

      That’s the kind of result we’re proud to hang on our walls – with Command Hanging Solutions, of course.

      1 The new plastic blister packaging is recyclable where facilities exist to recycle PET packaging. The paperboard back card should be separated from the plastic blister packaging and put into the paper recycling stream.