• Cleaning up naturally.

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    Cleaning up naturally.

    • Scotch-Brite® Natural scouring products

      Consumers want it both ways. They want brands that perform, but at the same time they want brands that are environmentally friendly. According to a 2014 Nielsen survey, these dueling demands are felt most strongly in the Asia-Pacific region, where 64 percent of consumers have a propensity to buy socially responsible brands.1

      This may explain why 3M Korea has found a receptive market for its Scotch-Brite® Natural Scouring Products family. Using a range of 3M core technologies, Korea has taken several paths to develop effective scouring and cleaning products that also carry sustainability virtues. For example:

      • The Scotch-Brite® Acrylic Net + Cellulose Sponge is made from natural pulp. Its packaging also comes from 100 percent recycled paper.
      • The Scotch-Brite® PLA Mesh Net has a mesh net made with a bio-polymer that is 93 percent bio-based2 and 95 percent biodegradable3. PLA is made from naturally occurring plant sugar (dextrose) that is derived from field corn.
      • The Scotch-Brite® Acrylic Net is so superior in oil absorption performance, users can wash the dishes without using any soap.
      • The Scotch-Brite® Agave Sponge is made from 100 percent natural plant based fibers, and can outlast more than 30 rolls of paper towels.

      These innovations are part of an effort to offer more environmentally friendly Scotch-Brite® Product options for consumers.

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