• Be sensitive to skin, and the environment.

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    Be sensitive to skin, and the environment.

    • Hand with Nexcare bandage on it while holding a cup of coffee.


      Today, 3M also brings repositionability to its line of Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Products. The unique adhesive used in these products allows you to completely reposition the bandage or tape. So, if at first your bandage isn’t placed quite right, you can reposition it without a loss in adhesion.

      The same goes for checking the healing progress of a child’s wounds. You can lift one edge of the bandage, peek at the healing process, and then put the edge back down.

      Best of all, when it’s time to remove the bandage for good, the removal process is gentle, because the unique adhesive removes gently from hair.

      In the process of creating skin-friendly products, 3M leveraged an adhesive takes the environment into consideration. The adhesive is solvent-free, thus reducing emissions concerns in manufacturing.

      Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Products include bandages, adhesive pads, first aid tape and eye patches. All products are ideal for the young or old, or those with sensitive skin. Forty percent of all Americans dread pulling off a bandage more than getting a shot, 1 but with products like these, you won’t have to fear.

      Try these products for yourself. You will feel the difference.

      1 Survey conducted by Nexcare™ Brand, June 2015