• Stand up for less plastic in landfills.

    3M Trifecta Design Lime
    Stand up for less plastic in landfills.

    • 3M Standing Desk

      Unfortunately, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills today. In fact, almost 80 percent of plastic that’s discarded goes there, compared to 12 percent that is incinerated and 9 percent that is recycled.1 Increasingly, however, companies like 3M are looking to create products that support a circular (“refurbish, reuse, recycle”) economy that helps keep a greater volume of discarded plastic in the recycled world.

      One such example is the 3M™ Precision Standing Desk. Not only does this sit-stand workstation allow you to alternate between sitting and standing at work, its virtues can also be measured in environmental sustainability.

      Here’s why: the 3M™ Precision Standing Desk is made with 45 percent postconsumer recycled content and, as such, can help a company achieve LEED® 2009 Green Building Certification EB O&M MR Credit 2.2 Sustainable Purchasing: Durable Goods, which requires a minimum of 10 percent postconsumer material. This is in addition to its height and tilt adjustability, which enables workers to precisely set their most comfortable standing work position.

      In other words, the more you see of the 3M™ Precision Standing Desk in offices, the less plastic you’ll see heading for landfills. Which is, from every perspective, something to stand up for.

      1 American Association for the Advancement of Science