• Zero landfill.

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    Zero landfill.

    • Zero Landfill

      3M Drug Delivery Systems’ Clitheroe, UK site is devoted to the manufacturing of components for pressurized metered dose inhalers used in inhalation therapy for conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Since 2005, the amount of landfill waste has been reduced from approximately 56 metric tons per year to zero in 2014! The Clitheroe site was able to achieve its zero landfill goal by recycling 95% of its waste and leveraging waste to energy for the remaining waste. The equivalent of 56 tree(s)* would need to be planted to offset the CO2 emissions saved due to the recycling / recovery of these waste streams. This allows all of us to breathe a little easier!

      *Source: www.carbonfootprint.com.