• Donating nearly one million respirators to help stop the spread of Ebola.

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    • The scariest danger is the kind you cannot see. For thousands of West Africans, this danger comes in the form of the Ebola virus. The recent outbreak of Ebola has proven to be the most deadly in recent history. And for the doctors and aid workers trying to stop the spread of this disease, some form of protection is desperately needed.

      One of the most crucial devices in the fight against Ebola is a respirator. And the 3M™ N95 Disposable Respirator has been an industry-leader since 1972. The World Health Organization recommends the use of respiratory protection during certain medical and lab procedures involving suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola virus.

      For these reasons, 3M donated nearly one million respirators to help aid workers fight the spread of Ebola. 3M respirators are relied upon worldwide to help prevent the spread of disease and protect people from harmful airborne dust, gases and vapors.

      But we know our work is not done. Project HOPE, MAP International, and Direct Relief International continue to distribute 3M N95 respirators to workers in Sierra Leone and surrounding areas. We hope those in affected areas can breathe easier knowing they have protection from the hidden danger around them.