• Clean water. Pure and simple.

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    • Water is the most essential resource in the world. Plants, animals and humans require clean, safe water to live. But millions of people around the world lack access to this essential resource.

      Many homes in China faced this exact issue. They needed a way to get clean drinking water without fear of getting sick. That's where 3M's China Purification Residential Water team stepped in to take on the challenge.

      To start, the team worked on understanding local water filtration needs and what types of contaminants were common in the area. They then tailored a residential water purification product portfolio to meet the exact needs of the area.

      The unique 3M™ filtration technology behind these products removed a wide range of local contaminants—while improving the taste and quality of the water. Besides a filter for clean drinking water, the team also developed water softeners, shower filters and water heaters specifically created with local needs in mind.

      To date, hundreds of thousands of households in China have been positively affected by this project. Those people can now enjoy the world’s most precious resource without having to fret about any resulting illnesses. It is 3M’s goal to support human health and safety across the world, and it all starts with the one resource that no one can live without: water.