• Making connections: A scientist's desire to demystify climate change

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    • A scientist’s desire to demystify climate change

      Many people ponder how their personal and professional interests could intersect. Jonathan Hester, Ph.D., is a research scientist on 3M’s Biopharmaceutical Purification team, and he uses his scientific background to inform Rescue that Frog: A blog about climate change.

      Jonathan explores important climate-related topics in his blog, such as the historical evolution of climate science. He shares how Charles David “Dave” Keeling discovered a new way to measure carbon dioxide (Co2) in 1953. Dave began collecting Co2 concentration measurements at Mauna Loa, Hawaii in 1958 and those measurements continue today. The “Keeling Curve” helps scientists and researchers assess current Co2 levels in the atmosphere. As evidenced by the Keeling Curve, science can help us make sense of the world around us and may offer insight into how we can protect and preserve the environment.


    • Sharing insights with 3Mers

      Jonathan also shares his passion for climate change through 3M’s Tech Forum: A self-directed, self-organized, principal organization for technical interaction. Through networking and communication, the Tech Forum fosters an environment of creativity and cooperation among scientists. The Tech Forum empowers scientists to connect and exchange ideas on everything from polymers to climate change.

      “3M has gotten large, but at least within its technical community, it’s still interconnected. I can call a scientist from another division,” Jon explains, “and they’ll help me. Through the Tech Forum, you have a network of scientists who are interested in what you’re doing, and you can make uncommon connections.”

    • The connection between climate and health

      The Tech Forum provides a platform for scientists to share their research with other 3Mers. During an event sponsored by Tech Forum, Jon presented to 3M Health Care employees on the connection between climate change and public health.

      The National Climate Assessment (NCA) indicates that climate-related events, like heat waves and hurricanes, threaten the wellbeing of communities. Extreme weather events can cause injury, displacement and disease, as well as heat-related deaths and severe allergic reactions.

    • Where we go from here

      “Climate change is the tragedy of the commons,” says Jon. “It doesn't benefit any country to lead, but it only takes one or two bad actors to make everyone's efforts irrelevant. It only works if everyone participates.”

      Collective action, backed by science, may make all the difference

      Rescue that frog

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