• 3M’s ESR films, some of the world’s most highly reflective, helps your screen leverage light.

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    • Our world is growing evermore connected. You can communicate with just about anyone, anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. Theses amazingly powerful tools have become an indispensable aspect of daily life around the planet.

      And when that much of our time is spent on our mobile devices, it is essential their displays are as vivid as the world around us. 3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) Films allow designers to bring us more attractive mobile displays and sustainable design.

      3M™ ESR is some of the most reflective mirror film available on the market today. It’s also paper-thin. These qualities help extract the most from a mobile display’s supply of light. This means that day or night, a mobile screen can maximize display vibrancy. 3M™ ESR film also enables designers to design screens and hardware that are thinner and lighter, resulting in less materials used.

      All of which means your device can be made to use less energy. Which translates into using smaller batteries. And as a result, the impact of battery material consumption and disposal is reduced.

      3M ESR films derive their efficiency from the advanced way they reflect recycled light rays back towards the user. With the widespread global adoption of mobile devices, the use of this display film creates a tremendous opportunity for widespread sustainable impact.