• Endorsing EPA’s food recovery challenge.

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    Endorsing EPA’s food recovery challenge.

    • Food Recovery Challenge

      In the United States, an estimated $161 billion of food is produced every year that, for various reasons, is not consumed by consumers.1 3M Food Safety has committed to providing resources to food processors and retail grocery facilities to help reduce the cost associated with food waste.

      The Environmental Protection Agency’s is continuing to encourage the sustainable management of food. This is the systematic approach that seeks to reduce wasted food and associated environmental impacts over the entire lifecycle, starting with extraction of natural resources and manufacturing, sales and consumption and ending with decisions on recycling or final disposal.

      3M is helping to lead this change! 3M plans to connect their customers to local resources with a plan to develop alternatives to throwing so much food in the landfill. This will save natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas production from landfills and return nutrients to the soil.


      USDA Facts on Food Waste