• Improving every life.

    3M Trifecta
    Improving every life.

    • Improving every life.

      When it comes to the company’s aspiration of “Improving Every Life,” 3M doesn’t just make innovative products. The company also helps build sustainable communities through strategic social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3Mers worldwide. 3M was one of the first companies to establish a Foundation, in 1953. Since that time, the company – through its philanthropic department 3Mgives – has donated more than $1.4 billion in cash and in-kind gifts to non-profit organizations working to improve: Education, Community and Environment. In the past five years 3M has donated more than $23 million worth of medical supplies to Project HOPE and MAP International, to support emergency relief efforts and urgent medical care needs. Specific 3M product donations include medical tapes, wound dressings, hand antiseptics, surgical drapes, stethoscopes, first-aid bandages, masks/respirators, and more. 3M has chosen Project HOPE and MAP International as the primary vehicles for medical relief efforts because of these charitable organizations’ long-standing records for effective delivery of services and efficient use of resources. Whether it’s a pandemic, earthquake, tsunami or ongoing health care programs serving the underserved, 3M contributes to this sustainable approach to building healthier lives and stronger communities all over the world.


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      Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of MAP Field Partner, IMC