• 3M Northridge conserves water.

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    3M Northridge conserves water.

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      Amid scarce water supplies and rate hikes, 3M Northridge continues to identify and execute new ways to reuse water or eliminate water use. The facility manages water from two sources: fresh potable water from the City of Los Angeles and treated ground water from the site Ground Water Remediation Operation. The treated ground water serves central utilities and landscaping irrigation needs.

      Northridge implemented several water conservation projects. In addition, EHS and Plant Engineering evaluate all parts of the Northridge water system in their day-to-day work, looking for processes that can be improved to reduce water consumption. An example is the reuse of approximately 7,000 gallon/day of rejected water from the site purified water treatment system. This focus on efficiency has resulted in a total reduction of 33,000 gallons/day of water use at Northridge, a 36% reduction in daily water use at the site in 2015 when compared to the baseline year of 2010. This is enough to satisfy the average daily usage of 430 people in California. Recognizing that industry has a role to play in conservation, the 3M Northridge facility is acting as a good custodian of one of the most precious resources – water.