• Your picture perfect smile, minus the frame.

    3M Trifecta
    Your picture perfect smile, minus the frame.

    • Tooth restorations

      3M established Lava™ Zirconia all ceramic dental restorations in 2001, and over the last 15 years this virtually unbreakable ceramic material has grown into one of the most popular materials for esthetic dental crowns and bridges. Although the beauty of a Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia dental restoration is clearly evident at first smile, it goes well beyond the surface.

      While the original system included a single patient block of zirconia mounted in plastic “frames” to protect product during shipping and enable robotic handling of the material, the latest advancement of Lava zirconia helps dentists and dental labs make the most of their evolving milling technology, providing them with options that reduce the number of steps and materials required to produce crowns and bridges.

      Through careful control of raw materials and a wide range of zirconia processing equipment now available to dental labs, Lava Plus zirconia can be reliably shipped in a new multi-patient disc format. This new format allows for multiple restorations to be milled from a single zirconia disc, eliminating the need for the surrounding plastic frame.
      In addition, with Lava Plus zirconia there is no need for a porcelain overlay, or the steps required to make one. And if a dentist starts with a digital impression, the lab will work with that file, avoiding the need to generate a gypsum-based model otherwise required for lab work. Labs and dentists can go model-free.

      The result – the perfect smile for your mouth, with less waste left behind at the dental lab.