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    • When we think of soldiers, we often think of their bravery in battle. But what about when they return home? These brave men and women have families and loved ones that they come home to in hopes of settling down and being successful on our own soil.

      Many of America’s troops are returning home to an uncertain future and high unemployment rates. But it doesn't need to be that way. These veterans have specialized and highly-technical skills and training that can contribute to fields such as collision repair.

      That's why we launched the 3M Hire Our Heroes campaign. This program aims to help veterans and their family members by training them in this specialized market, and then matching graduates of the collision repair programs with auto body shops looking for skilled, qualified employees.

      Using their in-demand skills learned during their service careers, veterans are able to find rewarding and stable careers.

      Not only does the 3M Hire our Heroes campaign raise awareness for hiring America’s heroes, it also grants over $250,000 in scholarships for collision repair training.

      3M is also a national board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Heroes program. We will continue to support the efforts of this program as long as our heroes need jobs, and hope that we can give back to them in the same selfless way that they serve us.

      For more information on our Hire our Heroes campaign, please visit: http://3mcollision.com/hire-our-heroes