• Works like magic, only greener.

    Made from over 65% recycled or plant-based material, Scotch® Magic™ Greener Tape is a more environmentally friendly version of our original classic.

    Magic Greener Tape on a table with office supplies.

    When papers need mending, packages need wrapping, or school projects need taping, you turn to Scotch® Magic™ Tape. But what if there were a more eco-conscious alternative? Scotch® Magic™ Greener Tape has all the strength and holding power of our Magic™ Tape, but it’s made from over 65% recycled or plant-based material. The refillable dispenser is also made with 100% recycled materials, so you can feel good about that too.

    People have relied on Scotch® Brand Home & Office tapes for nearly a century for a matte-finish that disappears, while its sticky hold stays put. Trust that when you’re ready to use, the tape will glide off the dispenser smoothly, cut evenly, with no waste.  With an easy to write-on surface, simply grab a pen, pencil or marker to quickly create labels for student school supply items, personalize gifts or even create labels for drawers. When you run out of tape, reuse the dispenser with a fresh roll of tape!

    Create a display of family photos in your home office or display schedules where you can see them. You can trust Scotch® Magic™ Greener Tape as an eco-choice, with the quality choice from Scotch™ Brand.

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