• Efficient packaging for your favorite dressing.

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    Efficient packaging for your favorite dressing.

    • Efficient Packaging for Your Favorite Dressing

      3M has made a long-standing commitment to efficient paper and packaging use. We have reduced designed packaging weight for seven straight years, for a cumulative reduction of ~9,000 metric tons (mT). One example of a recent success story is the redesign of the pouch used for our 3M™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing.

      After being challenged to reduce waste on the packaging for this product, we came up with an innovative patented process allowing to nest the pouches used for each sterile dressing and reduce by 30% the amount of materials needed. The new design is user-friendly, and it even won an award from the 3M Pollution Prevention Pays program! It reduced waste for us at the plant and for our customers in hospitals across the world. The seal adhesive for the pouch is made without natural rubber latex, and the carton used for the box packaging is made from 100% recycled content with at least 35% post-consumer recycled content. At 3M, we strive to continually improve what we do. We are proud to put our innovation to use not only on smart product designs but also on solutions for a greener planet.