• A planet-friendly approach to food safety testing.

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    A planet-friendly approach to food safety testing.

    • A planet-friendly approach to food safety testing.

      From how it’s grown, manufactured, packaged, shipped and consumed, food has a huge impact on earth’s resources. The methods by which food is tested may seem like a short step in a long “farm to fork” road. However, considering that the world consumes 11+ million pounds of food every 60 seconds, analysis for safe consumption has dramatic effects not just on the health of the public, but on the planet.

      3M Food Safety develops easy-to-use testing innovations for the many facets of global food production so high-quality, safe food can be sustainably provided for consumers. Its market-leading 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate, a 30+ year industry mainstay, is a prime example. Not only does it effectively enumerate microorganism counts in food and beverages, it does so using 76% less energy, 79% less water and 75% less greenhouse gases versus traditional tests.

      For these reasons and others, the 3M Petrifilm Plates took home the “Top Product of the Year” award at the Environmental Leader 2016 Conference. The recognition acknowledges excellence in products providing energy and environmental benefits.

      For sustainably minded food brands and their consumers, that’s appetizing news indeed.