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  • A sustainable alternative that’s proven to protect.

    Scotch™ Cushion Lock™ Protective Wrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble. It’s an expanding paper wrap made from 100% recycled paper and can be easily recycled after use. Proven to protect, you won’t have to compromise on protection if you want to ship sustainably.

    December 1, 1901 Consumer Office,Consumer,Product A sustainable alternative that’s proven to protect.
  • Extreme grip on recycled boxes.

    Scotch® Box Lock™ Packaging Tape is made to stick securely to ALL box types, including 100% recycled cardboard boxes, and it is manufactured with a solvent-free adhesive in a zero-waste-to-landfill facility.

    December 1, 1901 Product,Office,Consumer Consumer Extreme grip on recycled boxes.
  • Works like magic, only greener.

    Made from over 65% recycled or plant-based material, Scotch® Magic™ Greener Tape is a more environmentally friendly version of our original classic.

    December 1, 1901 Consumer Consumer,Product,Office Works like magic, only greener.
  • Greener Clean just got greener.

    Superior performance meets sustainability for a more satisfying, gratifying, greener clean without compromise. Made from plant-based cellulose fibers, Scotch-Brite® Greener Clean Sponges are a great alternative to paper towels.

    December 1, 1901 ,Consumer Consumer,Products,Home Care Greener Clean just got greener.
  • A durable scrub that outlasts eraser pads.

    Scotch-Brite® Swift Scrub Bathroom Buildup Remover powers through build-up 3X faster than an eraser pad*. And it works with just water or vinegar — no harsh chemicals needed.

    December 1, 1901 ,Consumer Consumer,Product,Home Care A durable scrub that outlasts eraser pads.
  • Recycling Inclusion Fund.

    3M contributed an investment of $100,000 to launch The Recycling Partnership’s Recycling Inclusion Fund.

    December 1, 1901 ,Consumer Consumer,Social Recycling Inclusion Fund.
  • Helping stop ocean plastic.

    3M, in partnership with GlobalGiving, has become a Plastic Bank Ocean Steward to help stop ocean plastic and support communities in vulnerable coastal regions.

    December 1, 1901 ,Consumer Consumer,Social Helping stop ocean plastic.
  • Breathe Easy. Elevate Your Air.

    3M’s Particulate Respirator 9513 uses filter media that filters at least 95% of airborne particles.

    December 1, 1901 Consumer Consumer,Product,Home Improvement Breathe Easy. Elevate Your Air.
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