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  • The global economy is at a crossroads

    The impacts of global climate change have never been clearer. Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, urban heat islands, poor air quality, and scarce resources have underscored how urgently corporations must act to try to slow these harmful effects to both our natural and built ecosystems.

    Corporations have an opportunity to embrace new circular business models — ones that are regenerative and that replenish rather than deplete natural resources. We believe it’s our responsibility to design circularity into 3M products and packaging while also enhancing the circularity of water, packaging, and waste in our own operations. 

  • Designing solutions that do more with less

    At 3M, we strive to use technology and expertise to promote a future where resources are circulated and nature is regenerated. This means developing solutions that do more with less material, advancing a global circular economy. It also means innovating to accelerate global climate solutions and decarbonize industry. And it means working together — with employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and communities around the world — to help drive the systemic change needed.

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Our environmental goals

We've set ambitious goals within the Science for Circular and Science for Climate pillars of our Strategic Sustainability Framework.

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