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Warranty, Service & Repair

Do you have a issue or just want a tune up? Is your product still under Warranty? We can fix or tune up your existing Speedglas powered and supplied air respirators.

  • Speedglas Welding Helmets

    Services Offered

    Helmet system refurbishment includes: 

    *Complete system cleaning 
    *Replacement of sweat pad, headcover, face seal, grinding visor, chrome/silver front 
    *Evaluation and testing of auto darkening filter

    Adflo blower system refurbishment includes: 

    *Complete system cleaning 
    *Replacement of spark arrestor, prefilter and HEPA filter 
    *Testing and evaluation of Adflo battery

  • Speedglas 9100 MP

    How Do I Proceed?

    1. Call us (1-800-328-1667 option 3 option 1) or fax us (402-359-4126).

    1. Call us (1-800-328-1667 option 3 option 1) or fax us (402-359-4126).

    2. A Return Authorization Number (RA) will be assigned for the customer. The RA will be either emailed or faxed to the customer. This form will provide specific shipping instructions.

    Customer is responsible for shipping the product to 3M Valley. 3M Valley will pay for shipping the product back to the customer.

    3. We will inspect, clean, and make it right. If we see any issues or concerns we will contact you to discuss. Additional parts and service might increase costs, but no work will be done without your consent.

We do have a limit of no more than 5 systems at a time from one company. If you have more please let us know and we will work with you on this.

  • Speedglas 9100 MP Service
    The Process

    Once received:

    • All components are processed and inspected
    • We will go through each one
    • Create a list of what's wrong on each system
    • Create estimate for each system
    • Generate Preliminary total for all systems
    • We will Fax or Email the work order and confirm the work to be performed
    • Once agreed upon and payment received the work will be performed
  • Speedglas 9100 MP Repair
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does it cost? Due to the different environments and applications, wear and tear can be vastly different. Cost can vary with the work needed to be done and this makes it hard to answer. For example: Performing all of the services of an Adflo 9100FX air system, you could expect a cost of approximately $370.00.

    2. How long does repair take? We try to have your system back to you as fast as possible. An evaluation/estimate notification will be sent to the customer 2-3 days after receipt of product. Once the PO is received from customer, equipment refurbishment will begin and take 2-3 days for completion. After completion, equipment will be shipped to customer via UPS ground.