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3M™ Secure Click™ Quantitative Fit Test Adapter Kit HF-800-03, 1 EA/Case 3M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-30, Bitter 3M™ Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-10, Sweet 3M™ Fit Test Solution FT-12, Sweet, 6 ea/Case 3M™ Sensitivity Solution FT-11, Sweet, 6 ea/Case 3M™ Fit Test Solution FT-32, Bitter 3M™ Sensitivity Solution FT-31, Bitter, 6 ea/Case 3M™ Nebulizer FT-13, 3 EA/Case 3M™ Fit Test Adapter 601 3M™ Collar FT-15, 1 ea/Case 3M™ Test Hood FT-14 3M™ Probed Particulate Respirator 8233Q, N100 20 EA/Case 3M™ Training and Fit Testing Case FT-20, Sweet 1 EA/Case 3M™ Probed Particulate Respirator 8293Q, P100 20 EA/Case 3M™ Probed Reusable Respirator Assembly 6300Q, Large 4 EA/Case 3M™ Probed Reusable Respirator Assembly 6200Q Medium 4 EA/Case 3M™ Probed Reusable Respirator Assembly 6100Q, Small 4 EA/Case
  • Fit testing is required in the US by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) before a user wears a mandatory respirator on the job, and must be assessed at least annually. In addition, fit tests should be performed:

    • Whenever a different size, style, model or make of respirator is used.
    • When any facial changes occur that could affect fit, such as significant weight fluctuation or dental work.
  • OSHA doesn’t require fit test administrators to be certified, just to know how to conduct a test, recognize invalid tests, and properly clean and maintain equipment.

    Learn more about the types of fit testing and get more fit testing resources at our online Center for Respiratory Protection.