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5-Lead Universal Shielded DIN (Philips IntelliVue Compatible) Disposable Leadwires Resuable Safety DIN Leadwires Reusable Twin Pin AAMI / Philips-Style Conncetor Leadwire GE Multi-Link Compatible Disposable Leadwires ECG Disposable Leadwire, YMDLW3P, 3-Lead, Philips IntelliVue or 3M Universal Yoke, PIN, 50 in, 25 EA/CS ECG Cable With AAMI / Philips Twin Pin-style Connector Electrode Connector Adapter, Banana Style leadwires, universal, use with tab or snap electrodes 10 EA/BG, AA002U10 6-Lead Universal Shielded DIN (Philips IntelliVue Compatible) Disposable Leadwires V-Lead Philips IntelliVue Compatible Disposable Leadwires Yokemate LWS® Universal Adapter Yokemate LWS® 3-Lead Universal Adapter for use with DataScope brand monitor, YMA3DS AMC&E Reusable Twin Pin AAMI Philips-Style Connector Replacement Leadwire, Snap Connection ECG Cable -Shielded- with Molded / Non-detachable Leads Yokemate LWS® ECG Cable With Twin Pin AAMI Yoke, AA3C11 ECG Reusable Leadwire, 3-Lead, Philips Twin Pin, Snap, 29", 1 EA, AA29102 Nihon Kohden Compatible Disposable Leadwire Yokemate LWS® 5-Lead Universal Adapter for DataScope brand monitor, YMA5DS DataScope / MindRay TelePaK or Passport V. Compatible Disposable Leadwire ECG Cable With Safety DIN Yoke Connection ECG Cable with Universal Shielded DIN Yoke Connection