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5-Lead Universal Shielded DIN (Philips IntelliVue Compatible) Disposable Leadwires Resuable Safety DIN Leadwires Reusable Twin Pin AAMI / Philips-Style Conncetor Leadwire GE Multi-Link Compatible Disposable Leadwires ECG Disposable Leadwire, YMDLW3P, 3-Lead, Philips IntelliVue or 3M Universal Yoke, PIN, 50 in, 25 EA/CS ECG Cable With AAMI / Philips Twin Pin-style Connector Electrode Connector Adapter, Banana Style leadwires, universal, use with tab or snap electrodes 10 EA/BG, AA002U10 ECG Cable with Universal Shielded DIN Yoke Connection Nihon Kohden Compatible Disposable Leadwire DataScope / MindRay TelePaK or Passport V. Compatible Disposable Leadwire Yokemate LWS® 5-Lead Universal Adapter for DataScope brand monitor, YMA5DS ECG Cable With Safety DIN Yoke Connection Yokemate LWS® ECG Cable With Twin Pin AAMI Yoke, AA3C11 V-Lead Philips IntelliVue Compatible Disposable Leadwires ECG Cable -Shielded- with Molded / Non-detachable Leads Yokemate LWS® Universal Adapter ECG Reusable Leadwire, 3-Lead, Safety DIN, Mini Pinch, 29", 1 EA, D29202 ECC Monitoring Cable, with safety DIN yoke Connection, D5C68 6-Lead Universal Shielded DIN (Philips IntelliVue Compatible) Disposable Leadwires AMC&E Reusable Twin Pin AAMI Philips-Style Connector Replacement Leadwire, Snap Connection ECG Reusable Leadwire, 3-Lead, Philips Twin Pin, Snap, 29", 1 EA, AA29102 Yokemate LWS® 3-Lead Universal Adapter for use with DataScope brand monitor, YMA3DS
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Reliability, safety, convenience and innovation - 3M Patient Monitoring Solutions can help on all fronts with low-cost replacement accessories, cables, standardized connections and disposable leadwires.


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  • Nurse with patient adjusting patient monitoring leadwires and cable

    Is Cross-Contamination an Issue in your ICU and Isolation Rooms?

    We know you are working hard to eliminate all the nasty bugs that could live in your patient's room, including on the cables and leadwires. Did you know a clinical study has shown that 77% of reusable ECG leadwires were found to be contaminated with antibiotic-resistant noscomial pathogens, even after being cleaned?1

    1. Jancin. Bruce. "Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens Found on 77% of ECG Lead Wires." Caridology News. 2(3) (2004):14.

  • Close up of Reusable leadwires

    Reduce Healthcare Facility Costs with Leadwire & Cable Options

    When your budget is tight, we can help you strategize a plan to save money. Our cables and leadwires are easy to connect and disconnect between departments, and work with GE, Phillips, Spacelabs, Nihon Kohden and other brand monitors.