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Food Service Academy

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Food Safety starts with knowledge – give yours a boost.

You know how important it is to maintain high standards for food safety and quality in your kitchen – but when was the last time you refreshed your skills? 3M Food Service Academy brings you training on food safety to bring your knowledge up to date.
  • man cleaning dishes in commercial kitchen
    Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

    Great meals start with a sparkling-clean kitchen. 3M provides a wide array of cleaning supplies that help make it easier and faster to keep your kitchen safer, more hygienic and healthier. Learn how.

  • chefs preparing a meal in the kitchen
    Food Safety in the Modern Professional Kitchen

    Food service professionals must take food and workplace safety seriously. Creating a clean, safe workplace environment is a never-ending job, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right safety and sanitation procedures and systems, you can ensure that your guests are never at risk.

  • woman serving customer take out meal
    Ensuring Safe Service for your Guests

    Whether it’s server hygiene or seemingly harmless work methods that introduce unsafe elements into the environment, safe food handling should be as great a concern in the service area as in the kitchen.​

At 3M, we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions to help you solve your toughest food service challenges. Login today to go above and beyond, and improve the quality of your service.

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  • man cleaning grill hood with a Scotch-Brite kitchen cleaner degreaser wipes with Scotchgard protector wipe

    Safer and cleaner.

    What goes on behind the scenes affects your customers’ experience the moment they come through the front door. Whether you’re cleaning food prep surfaces or kitchen floors, 3M provides training to help your staff and guests experience a safer and cleaner environment—reliably and cost-efficiently.

  • chef adding final garnish to plate of food

    Be smart about food safety.

    Health inspections can be stressful. Despite inspections’ being a regular, expected part of the food service industry, many restaurants are ill-prepared – and nothing looks worse than panicking when the health inspector arrives. But it doesn’t have to be this way! By being more proactive about your food safety and implementing a solid preparation plan, you can face your next restaurant health inspection with confidence.

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