Facility renovation & refurbishment solutions

Clean and modern office reception room.
Quickly and easily transform, repair, and refresh

Maintaining a contemporary and eye-catching interior means keeping an eye on trends and updating outdated spaces. But building materials can be costly — and so is downtime. By recognizing opportunities in every space, and repurposing existing surfaces with architectural and glass finishes, you can improve aesthetics, maximize time savings and support sustainability initiatives.

  • Refreshed bathroom with a modern design.
    Easily refresh any surface

    Whether it’s a renovation or remodel, 3M has surface finish solutions to help streamline the processes and ensure you achieve your desired aesthetic with minimal time, disruption and cost.

  • Employee installing an architectural finsih to a door.
    Renovate sustainably

    In modern facilities, sustainable practices are necessary when completing a renovation. From architectural finishes to window films, learn how 3M solutions optimize resources, reduce waste, and lower utility and labor costs.

  • Two elevator doors side by side on a red wall.
    Minimize renovation downtime

    Renovations can disrupt your environment — and the day-to-day activity of your guests. Read how resurface solutions such as architectural finishes and window films can deliver with less downtime, dust and noise.

Transform your look for less with 3M™ DI-NOC™ and FASARA™ finishes

  • Give your cabinets, walls and doors new life with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes. From industrial concretes to elegant aged woods, DI-NOC’s 1000+ design options are guaranteed to fit your space and style.

    Download the DI-NOC Brochure (3.69 MB)

  • Give your glass an extra sparkle without starting from scratch. 3M Glass Finishes can help you provide the look and feel of etched, cut sandblast and textured glass, and can be applied to virtually any glass surface.

Watch surfaces transform: before and after

Give new life to existing floors, millwork, walls and glass. Update design and improve functionality. Increase sustainability and reduce renovation costs. We’ve got you covered.