Welcome to the 3M Corrosion Protection Product Coverage Calculator. This tool is designed to help representatives in the field determine how much product should be purchased.

General Information Screen

The Glass Checklist Screen is where most of your work will be done.

Product Coverage Calculator General information screen
  • Along the top of the screen is the Product Coverage Calculator Menu. Below this menu and descending down along the left side of the screen are the Product Coverage Calculator Step Buttons. Note that each Step button has an indicator that shows whether or not that step has been completed. If a Step Button is grayed out you have one or more things left to do for the current step before you can move on. If, on the other hand, the next Step Button has white text you have fulfilled all of the current step's requirements. To the right of the Step Buttons is an area where each step is displayed. The same is true of the Menu items.

Product Coverage Calculator Menu

The options available in this menu and their features are as follows:

• Help - This option, when clicked, opens this Help file in a web browser.

• Print Summary - This option lets you print the summary of your choices.

Product Coverage Calculator Steps

  • 1. Data Information

    This step contains controls for indicating basic information about the project that requires coating.

    Note that if you choose a double coating you will need to complete additional fields on the Products and Products Coverage Input Values screens.

  • 2. Products

    Please choose which product(s) you are interested in using based on the information you entered in the Data Information screen. Please note, you will only be able to choose products that will work with your choices on the Data Information screen; all other products will be grayed out.

    You will only be able to select one product if you chose a single coating on the Data Information screen. You will need to select an inner AND outer coating if you chose a double coating on the Data Information screen. If you do not see a product you were expecting on the Products screen, please call our customer service number at 1-800-722-6721.

  • 3. Product Coverage Input Values

    This step contains fields for indicating the length and diameter of the area needing coating and also the thickness and percentage of waste factor involved of the coating itself.

  • 4. Calculation Output

    This step contains SKUs and the units needed for each SKU for your calculated coverage.

  • 5. Summary

    This step shows the summary of your choices through each of the steps and your selected SKU and units needed. From here you can print/save your summary or place your order via fax or the website. These last options will appear enabled in the Product Coverage Calculator menu.

Caution Information

Actual consumption is dependent on many factors including but not limited to efficiency of the application equipment, application technique, booth design and waste. The values provided are theoretical calculations and are intended to be used as a reference only.