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  • Image of outside sales representative Billy Brown

    William ‘Billy’ Brown

    Outside Sales Representative
    (NC, SC, TN, GA, FL, AL, MS)

    Billy has 27 years of experience in supporting the needs of telecommunication and utility companies with an emphasis on fiber optics and underground utility locating.  He has been with 3M since 2008. Billy has frequently conducted locating and marking seminars throughout the Southeast. He believes that damage prevention has become more critical because the complexity and value of underground services has increased with multiple services often sharing limited rights of way.

    An interesting fact about Billy is that his favorite movie is "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

  • Image of outside sales representative Denise Elliot Thompson

    Denise ElliottThompson

    Outside Sales Representative
    (CO, IA, NE, MO, IN, IL, MI, MN, WI, ND, SD)

    Denise has been with 3M for 25 years and has focused on damage prevention products for over ten years. She has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and is responsible for Locating and Marking Underground Utility Equipment for 3M in 10 states. As a member of the Common Ground Alliance, Denise works actively with the Education Committee. In addition, Denise is actively involved with American Gas Association chairing a subcommittee.   She is an active damage prevention advocate and works with various state and regional damage prevention organizations and teams, including multiple 811 One Call Centers. Denise has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and seminars.

    An interesting fact about Denise is that she is a retired rugby player.

  • Image of outside sales representative Randy Flamm

    Randy Flamm

    Outside Sales Representative
    (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, KY, OH)

    Randy has been with 3M for 30+ years. He is an expert consultant in damage prevention and has worked with many of the largest gas utility companies in the US to improve pipeline safety. Randy has been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and seminars on damage prevention and safe digging practices, including SGA, NGA, CGA, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Pipeline Safety, Virginia Damage Prevention and Pipeline Safety, North Carolina Rural Water, and various 811 organizations. He believes that locate technology is evolving to meet not only the compliance needs of the customer, but also the safety requirements they are demanding for the future.

    An interesting fact about Randy is that he is an experienced travel guide.

  • Image of outside sales representative Sarah GoodFellow

    Sarah Goodfellow

    Outside Sales Representative
    (CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA & WY)

    Sarah has been with 3M Locate and Marking for 2 years and has over 6 years of sales experience. She is passionate about providing damage prevention solutions that can improve the safety of businesses, workers, and the public. She provides a high level of support in order to serve her customers.  Sarah first started with 3M in the Frontline program selling connectors in our Communication Division.

    An interesting fact bout Sarah is she originally from Texas and enjoys traveling the beautiful West Coast.

  • Image of outside sales representative Chelsea McCoy

    Chelsea McCoy

    Outside Sales Representative
    (TX, OK, LA, NM, AZ, KS, AR)

    Chelsea has been with 3M since January of 2016 in the Locating & Marking group. After graduating from Texas State University and completing the Frontline Sales Internship in 2015, she started at 3M in January of 2016. She then was relocated to Oakland, California to cover the west coast for 2 years before returning to her hometown of Houston, Texas. Chelsea now covers the South Central Region of the United States and has 7 states in her territory.

    An interesting fact about Chelsea is that she is a recent newlywed who enjoys trying new restaurants and loves to indulge in a new Netflix series.

  • Image of National Accounts Manager Corey Wilson

    Corey Wilson

    National Accounts Manager

    Corey holds a BSME from the University of Texas and has over 20 years with the 3M Dynatel Locating and Marking business holding leadership positions in Manufacturing, Marketing, Business Development and Sales.  Corey has been a featured speaker at industry conferences and published in leading industry journals.  Corey has conducted training seminars in the US, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe and has worked with some of the largest utility companies in the US and abroad for Locating and Marking applications.

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