• Create a Plank Wall

    Plank Wall

    Learn to create a plank wall to change up any room. Created by Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage

    • Materials needed:

      3M™ Patch plus primer Wall Repair Kit - includes:
         • Putty knife
         • Sandpaper pad
         • Self-adhesive patch
         • Compound/spackling mixture
      • 4 x 8 sheets of 1/4" flooring underlayment

      Do you remember that office makeover that I keep talking about? You know, the one that hasn't had an update since I shared the freshly paint walls? Well, today I'm actually sharing our office plank wall. Oh happy day! Just like plank walls do, it's completely changed the entire room. And now I have about 100 projects to do because I can't get them out of my head. The office is officially ready for projects... At least this side of the room looks good... the other sides, ummm not so much.




    • Adding planks

      Step 1

      Anthony started at the ceiling, made sure the plank was level and nailed it in place...Because our ceilings aren't level, most aren't, Anthony used the level to make sure the plank was level and left a gap at the top, which I would later caulk.

    • Cut Planks so they Fit

      Step 2

      We kept adding planks as we went down the wall... And because the boards weren't as long as our wall, we randomly cut them to size to create a scattered look.

    • Cut out Electrical Outlet Slots

      Step 3

      We kept adding boards until we reached the electrical outlets near the floor. Anthony traced around them, then used the jigsaw to make them fit.

    • Fill holes with patch plus primer kit

      Step 4

      Then, to fill all those nail holes, I used the 3M™ Patch plus primer Wall Repair Kit.

      I used the spackling and putty knife first. I just scooped up a bit of the spackling... Then, spread it over the nail hole and pressed it in firmly to fill... Then I just wiped it smooth...

    • Sanding Spots

      Step 5

      Once it dried, I used the sanding block from the repair kit to gently sand each spot smooth.

      For any areas that got a bit of the spackling in the gaps... I just used the putty knife to remove it...

    • Caulking along ceiling and baseboard

      Step 6

      Once all 482 holes were filled and sanded, I wiped down the wall with a damp cloth to remove any dust...

      Then, I started caulking... I caulked along the ceiling and along the baseboard... Caulking makes all the difference!

    • Final Plank Wall

      Step 7

      Once the caulking dried, I started painting. I used a smooth roller and chose my go to white paint, Super White by Benjamin Moore®.

    • Tip

      We used a nickel as our spacer [between planks].

    • Did you know

      Just like the other plank walls in the house, we used 4 x 8 sheets of 1/4" flooring underlayment. We used our table saw and ripped them down into 5 1/2" wide strips.