• Create a DIY Sports Scoreboard

    DIY Sports Scoreboard

    A fun DIY project for every sports lover Created by Amy Huntley from The Idea Room

    • Materials needed:

      I am so excited about my latest DIY Project- a Sports Scoreboard for my son’s room. He is a huge sports fan and wanted to reflect that in his room. We actually started working on updating his room (in which he was still using Mickey Mouse sheets) about a year and a half ago to something more reflective of his age and personality. I had a large blank wall that I felt would be perfect for a “vintage” baseball scoreboard that can double as a chalkboard.

    • Sanding Boards

      Step 1

      Cut your MDF to the size you prefer to fit your wall. Ours was an old piece of scrap wood we had sitting around from a past project. It measures 24.5 inches tall by 46 inches wide.

      Step 2

      Sand entire board with 3M Hand Sanding Sheets with NO-SLIP GRIP sandpaper by hand or with a hand sander.

    • Filling holes with Patch plus primer

      Step 3

      Fill any holes or dents with 3M™ Patch plus primer. Let it dry and sand it smooth with a 3M Hand Sanding Sponge.

      Step 4

      Dust it off and paint it white including sides of the boards. Let it dry completely.

      Step 5

      Measure off the board so that you have a larger row on the top, two of the same size of rows in the middle and then a smaller row on the bottom. Add two columns in the middle section for the home and visitor teams.

    • Tape Board ScotchBlue Tape

      Step 6

      Use ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and tape off the edges of the board. I did not tape on the sides. I wanted them white. Then tape off the lines for each row and column.

      Step 7

      Cut your vinyl lettering or use stencils for the wording and the numbers.

    • Paint Sportsboard

      Step 8

      Paint the board (over the vinyl stickers) with your chalkboard paint. Before it dries completely, carefully peel up the ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape so that you get nice, crisp lines.

      Step 9

      Take your small pieces of wood and cut them (if needed) so that they fit into the spot you have specified with the innings. Paint them white and let them dry.

    • Sand Numbers for Vintage Look

      Step 10

      Use your number stencils and paint the numbers on the wood scorecards black. Let them dry and then sand them to scuff them up with your 3M Hand Sanding Sponges.

      Step 11

      Take your 3M Hand Sanding Sponges and rough up the entire board to give it a vintage look and feel.

    • Use Fasteners to Attach Numbers

      Step 12

      Attach the Scotch™ Indoor Fasteners to the backs of the scorecards and then attach them to the board. This way you can move them around if needed or you can remove them completely if you want to use the board as a chalkboard.

    • Final Scoreboard

      Step 13

      Put a couple of screws into the back of the board and string a thick wire across them to make a hanger so you can hang the scoreboard onto your wall. Be sure to secure the board by screwing it into a stud so that it is held tightly on the wall.