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Noise-induced hearing loss usually happens gradually and the symptoms are not always apparent, you may be able to improve the success of your hearing loss prevention efforts by strengthening worker training and motivation programs.

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    Employers are required to provide a “continuing, effective hearing conservation program” for employees who are exposed to hazardous noise, according to U.S. OSHA, but what does that really mean? Whether you are setting up a hearing conservation program for the first time or looking to improve an existing program, 3M can help.

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  • video about auditory transduction
    Auditory Transduction

    The sense of hearing is accomplished by a process known as auditory transduction. The ear converts sound waves in the air into electrical impulses in the brain. This video explores this process and provides an explanation of the inner workings of the ear and how bones play a part.

  • video about fitting push-in style earplugs
    Fitting push-in style earplugs

    In this video we walk through the steps for properly inserting a pre-molded earplug. You'll find it is more than just sticking it in your ear.

  • video about fitting foam earplugs
    Fitting foam earplugs

    In this video we walk through the steps and some of the finer details for properly inserting a foam earplug. Rolling down the earplug is one of the first steps and is a key step in being able to insert the plug to create a proper and effective fit.

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