3M™ PELTOR™ Safety Communications Products

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Hearing protection has never sounded better.

3M™ PELTOR™ brand brings you hearing protection that helps you hear and communicate in noisy environments.


Types of electronic hearing protection

  • worker wearing protective communication hearing protection
    Protective communication

    Protective communication headsets provide hearing protection while also enabling clear communication in noisy environments. This category includes headsets with options for an integrated two-way communication, Bluetooth® technology or cabled connections to your personal device.

  • Workers protective hearing ear muffs and electronic ear plugs
    Protective hearing

    PELTOR protective hearing products allow sounds to pass through when it is quiet but provides protection when it is loud. Ideal for settings with intermittent or unpredictable noise, and can help you stay alert of your surroundings and communicate face-to-face with your colleagues.

  • Worker wearing protective entertainment hearing protection
    Protective entertainment

    Listen to your favorite music or audiobook while getting the job done. PELTOR protective entertainment solutions help protect you against hazardous noise while enabling you to connect to your mobile device or an FM radio station to help keep you motivated. All FM radio and Bluetooth® enabled streaming volumes are limited to 82 dBA.

Hearing protection for key industries

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    Heavy manufacturing

    Do you need to talk to others on the plant floor or hear machine noise to troubleshoot? Are you frequently traveling between loud and quiet areas? The PELTOR™ brand has products to help you stay protected while helping you hear your surroundings and/or communicate with others.

  • Construction industry icon

    Find 3Mᵀᴹ PELTORᵀᴹ products that can help protect your crew from hazardous noise while helping them hear the critical sounds needed to perform their job safely and productively.

  • The PELTOR™ brand is known for tactical hearing protection and communication solutions. Utilizing the environmental listening technology for auditory situational awareness, the 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ advanced hearing protectors are a premier solution to help ensure your operational effectiveness.

PELTOR Product Selectors

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Choosing the right product

  • Hearing protection combined with wireless two-way communication and a noise-cancelling microphone, these PELTOR headsets allow you to clearly communicate in noise.

  • With a wide selection of compatible cables, you can easily connect these PELTOR headsets to an external device for hearing protection and the ability to hear and/or communicate in noisy environments.

  • For a wireless connection to your two-way radio or smart device, choose from an assortment of protective communication headsets featuring Bluetooth® technology.

  • Helps protect your hearing in high noise, while helping you hear your surroundings and talk to others in low noise – without removing your hearing protection. 

  • Listen to your favorite music or audiobook while wearing your hearing protection. 

  • 3M PELTOR intrinsically safe headset
    Intrinsically safe

    When working in a potentially explosive atmosphere, choose a PELTOR headset certified to be intrinsically safe.

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The importance of hearing protection

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    Increasing worker productivity

    Learn how using 3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Headsets helped improve the productivity of a work unit by 380 minutes per week, increasing the percentage of direct work time from 71% to over 86%.

  • Worker wearing 3M Peltor protective communications on worksite
    Understanding hearing protection

    In this 10 minute video, you'll explore:

    1. Sound levels and the risk of hearing damage
    2. Impact of hearing damage
    3. Inside your ears
    4. Steps to reduce the risk with hearing protection
    5. Considerations for protecting your hearing

Finding and using the right Hearing Protection Products