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A food truck glows in an orange and black vehicle wrap.

Get the Most out of Your Graphics

  • 3M visual attention software images showing where a consumer's eyesight will be directed to on a graphic

    Grab Consumers’ Attention

    You have 3-5 seconds to direct consumers’ eyes to the areas you’d like them to focus on. To make an impression with a visual image, you must draw attention to the portion of the wrap that you have identified as most critical through effective design. Design tools such as 3M’s Visual Attention Software (VAS) can aid in this process. 3M’s VAS offers a web-based application that provides fast and easy analysis to determine the area of an image that captures the viewer’s eye. To learn more about creating impactful designs, check out

  • Indian Motorcycle truck branded with 3m graphic reflective film

    Promote Your Brand Day and Night

    Reflective graphics have been proven to boost impressions by up to 40 percent compared to traditional graphics. Keep your message visible 24/7 with reflective accents such as decals and cut letters or with a reflective vehicle wrap. Not only do reflective graphics increase impressions, they also enhance visibility for added safety. Reflective graphics are an easy way to stand out and maximize your brand’s impact.

  • A semi-truck has a vehicle wrap with images of numerous colorful bottles.

    Create Concise and Consistent Messaging

    Your graphics should help tell your brand’s story and reflect your brand’s identity. Keep your graphics on message with branding that is consistently applied across your fleet. Even if there are variations in design, it is important to stay on brand and communicate the same overarching story. When wrapping your fleet, use consistent themes, colors and/or images to create comparable appearances. This helps increase brand recognition and provides more impactful reinforcement to your audience.

  • designer sitting at a computer designing a fleet graphic wrap

    Design to Scale

    If you have a fleet of vehicles that vary in size and type, adjust your message and design accordingly. A design that works well for your semi-trailer may not work well for your delivery van. Scaling and tailoring your design according to the vehicle application enhances the aesthetics and effectiveness of your fleet graphics.

  • man washing the outside of a truck wrapped in 3m graphic film

    Keep Your Graphics Well Maintained

    Well-maintained graphics are important for a positive portrayal of your brand. Vinyl and non-vinyl wraps that are not regularly cleaned or become shoddy due to poor maintenance can create a negative perception of your brand. Also, make sure you are keeping your graphics fresh and updated, especially as your branding evolves. Keep track of your graphics’ life cycle and update your graphics as recommended by the manufacturer.

3M Black Trifecta design
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