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Overlaminates & Protective Films

When your customers won’t settle for anything less than the best, overlaminates offer a clear path to perfection. Add finishing touches to window, wall and floor graphics and illuminated signs. Bring flair to vehicle graphics. Provide image protection to preserve your designs and keep them safe from the elements. When you’ve achieved perfection, you want to make sure it lasts with overlaminate films and protective films.

A shopping mall hallway features a wall wrap and overlaminate with images of models against a blue background
Featured Product: 8600 Series

The 3M™ Décor Overlaminate 8600 Series merges creativity and longevity. Enhance printed wall graphic designs with the embossed aesthetic of linen, woven knit, woodgrain, stone or leather. These overlaminates add depth and texture to printed film for an interior wallcovering that is sure to make an impression.


Overlaminate and Protective Film Products

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  • A large outdoor sign featuring a painted image of a bicyclist has bright colors protected by an overlaminate.
    General Overlaminates

    Protect and enhance graphics and wraps with overlaminates that take your designs to the next level. Available in a variety of finishes, these protective films help your graphics look their best – now and well into the future.

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  • A medical worker strides past a large, inviting wall wrap of a teddy bear held by a baby’s hand.
    Interior Decor Overlaminates

    Elevate printed graphics with embossed textures or matte finishes for low reflection. Interior Décor Overlaminates add depth to graphics, are cleanable and guard against scuffs.

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  • A red sports car has a red vehicle wrap with a textured overlaminate.
    Special Effects Overlaminates

    For graphic manufacturers and graphic installers, staying relevant means pushing boundaries and trying things you haven’t done before. 3M special effects films and overlaminates go above and beyond to add the wow factor to wraps using 3M print films.

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  • A semi-truck features crisp images of beverage bottles and a logo on its vehicle wrap.
    Liquid Clear Coats

    You’ve succeeded in creating killer fleet graphics. The next step: image protection. Our long-lasting liquid clear coats cost-effectively provide durability, and they are available in an array of finishes that enhance and shield your graphics.

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  • An illuminated sign for a bicycle shop is bright and colorful.
    Illuminated Sign Overlaminates

    When your customers invest in illuminated signs, they want them to last. That’s where our sign protectors get to work. These overlaminates provide added durability to flexible, rigid, flat and thermoformed illuminated sign faces. Now you and your customers can rest easy knowing their signs will stay vibrant.

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  • Dozens of people gather on a vivid floor wrap of a world map.
    Anti-Slip Overlaminates

    Floor and sidewalk graphics are a bold addition to any space. But, it's important to make sure they are slip resistant. These tough overlaminates provide skid and scuff resistance. They also protect floor graphics during floor maintenance, such as scrubbing, cleaning and waxing.

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  • The interior of a subway car is marked with graffiti.
    Graffiti Resistant Protection Films

    You’ve poured heart and soul into your latest creation. Don’t let someone spoil it, either accidentally or intentionally. These protective films stop stains, graffiti, scratches and gouges from destroying your wall graphics, transit graphics and surfaces. When it comes to image and surface protection, you can put your trust in 3M products.

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    Each 3M film has its own anticipated lifespan.
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