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Yum Bees commercial fleet truck branded with 3M changeable graphic wrap film

What can changeable graphic films do for your fleet?

While most fleet graphics are intended to last for the long haul, changeable graphics are a simple and flexible solution for short-term needs. Whether you need short-term graphics to support seasonal campaigns, equipment rentals, or to generate additional revenue, changeable graphic films can help get you there.

  • Understanding changeable graphic films

    Similar to long-term graphics, short-term graphics are great for increasing brand awareness and visibility – the key difference is ultra-removability. In addition, changeable graphics can be more economical than other film solutions. 

    Changeable graphic films are vinyl films engineered for short-term use. 3M changeable graphics are flexible, durable and conformable. The expected performance life of these films is up to two years; however, they are often kept for shorter periods of time. Easy removal with changeable films enables you to maximize versatility, and you can still expect 3M’s high standards for performance.

  • changeable graphic wrap film for fleet vehicles

    How to use changeable graphic films

    Changeable films are a great option for fleets looking to quickly apply and remove graphics. Many fleets use changeable graphics for:

    • Short-term promotional campaigns such as seasonal campaigns, new product introductions, holiday promotions, or one-off company initiatives such as driver recruitment campaigns.
    • Temporary branding on equipment rentals to easily brand and remove graphics before returning the equipment.
    • Hybrid use – changeable graphics can be added to permanent graphics either as decals or in specific locations, such as rear doors. This allows you to keep your base graphics intact while highlighting a promotion.
    • Additional revenue stream – changeable films can be used to create a revenue stream by selling vehicle space to brands and advertisers who are looking to connect with customers through out-of-home advertising.

    For more information on 3M films and film selection, visit the.

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