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A semi-truck has a graphic wrap with images of five soda cans and ice.

Top 5 Film Factors to Consider When Wrapping Your Fleet

  • By taking the five factors discussed below into consideration and working with your graphic film converter, you will be able to identify the right film for your wrap and ensure that you are providing the proper care to maintain the wrap’s condition and maximize your return on investment.

Durability of Fleet Graphic Films

  • A van has a fleet wrap with a black and green background and a yellow logo.

    High-quality graphic films will stand the test of time in a variety of climates. However, not all films are built to withstand rigorous road conditions. A key determinant of a fleet wrap’s longevity is the durability of the film. The durability of a vinyl or non-vinyl wrap refers to its strength against elements such as weathering and other outdoor exposures. Lesser-quality films are more likely to fail under harsh outdoor conditions over a shorter period.

Efficient Installation

  • A graphic installer uses a squeegee to install a colorful vehicle wrap.

    In graphic film installation, simplicity and precision can save time and, in turn, increase your bottom line. Premium films equipped with superior air release capabilities and optimal slide ability make installation easy and minimize bubbles and other errors. Quick wrap installations also increase operational efficiency by decreasing fleet or vehicle downtime.

Maintenance Practices

  • man washing the side of a truck wrapped with 3m graphic film

    Maintaining a graphic film is largely dependent on proper cleaning and care practices. Keep your fleet graphics in good condition by washing them regularly. Contaminants allowed to remain on the graphic may become more difficult to remove during cleaning. Graphic films can be cleaned by hand or by using pressure washes and automated washes. If your semi-truck graphics need to be repaired due to normal roadway wear and tear, typically graphic panels can be easily replaced without the need for replacing the entire graphic. Click here (PDF, 123.12 KB) for more details on Graphic Maintenance.

Ease of Graphic Removal

  • A graphic installer removes a graphic wrap from a flat surface.

    When it comes time to remove or change the film, high-quality films come off easily and make removal pain-free after the installation. Low-quality films can crack, shatter and leave adhesive residue behind after removal, which can become costly and may also impact operations due to unexpected delays. 3M™ Premium films are easily removed within the recommended time frame and do not cause damage to the vehicle.

Warranty to Protect Investment

  • 3M MCS Warranty Logo

    Make sure your wrap investment is protected. When selecting a film, be sure you choose a manufacturer that has a history of standing behind the quality of its products and guarantees performance. A good warranty is comprehensive and can be applied consistently. Warranties should be hassle-free and provide you with peace of mind on your purchase.


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