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Commercial Solutions Guide

  • 3M Commercial Solutions Application Guide
VFD (Drives) & Motors
Medium Voltage Transformer

The location of the transformer area varies depending on the type of facility. High voltage areas would be further from the building.

Main Switchgear
Indoor Substation
Control Circuits
Lighting, Conduit, Wire & Cable
lighting, conduit, wire & cable

Throughout the building, 3M can help you insulate (protect), connect (splice and terminate), and seal wire and cable.

Breaker Boxes
Breaker Boxes
Breaker Boxes
Fuses, Breakers, Switches
  • 3M Electrical Product Selection Guide

For our low voltage (1kV-5kV) hotline, call 512-984-5555. For our medium/high (5kV-46kV/69kV-145kV) hotline, call 512-984-5000.

  • Fully Integrated and Easy to use Firestop solutions

    Fully Integrated and Easy-to-Use Firestop Solutions

    Used in all featured areas above

    • Protective wrap systems
    • Caulks, putties, foams, devices and large opening solutions
    • Water tight sprays, sealants and tapes

    Be confident in your work quality and help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases.

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