worker wrapping electrical cable in 3M Electrical Tape

Cable Jacket Repair Solutions

Repair PVC and rubber cable jacket damages with 3M Electrical Tapes for temporary and permanent cable repairs

Repairing Minor Damage

3M Electrical Tapes are a robust solution for repairing cable jacket damages. Our tape repair procedures fit PVC and rubber cables for low and medium voltage. They’re convenient for work in confined spaces and are a durable and costeffective solution for both temporary and permanent cable maintenance.

  • Clean surface with a solvent and sandpaper.

    Clean surface with a solvent and sandpaper. We recommend using 3M™ Cable Preparation Kit CC-3 or Scotch® 1626 Degreasing and Cleaning Spray.

    3M™ Cable Preparation Kit CC-3

  • Insulate and protect cable

    Half-lap Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234, a professional grade mastic tape, over the damaged jacket area.

    Scotch® Cable Jacket Repair Tape 2234

  • Overwrap each end

    Overwrap each end with Scotch® Super 33+™ Vinyl Tape.  This tape will add radial pressure to ensure the best adhesion and sealing.

    Scotch® Super 33 ™ Vinyl Electrical Tape

Repairing Substantial Damage

When dealing with more significant cable damage where a portion of the jacket is torn, first check if the inner layers of the cable are untouched. Then please proceed as follows:

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