Temflex™ Vinyl Electrical Tape for General Use

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Just because you have your favorite power tool does not mean you leave your trusted screwdriver at home. There are some pieces of equipment you just always keep handy. Hello general use electrical tape. For those day-to-day activities that keep the job on track. Our family of 3M Temflex General Use Vinyl Electrical Tapes are designed to meet basic needs in most general electrical and non-electrical applications.

  • Our backings and adhesives are designed to hold up in everyday conditions when conducting simple low-voltage insulation, wire marking and cable bundling and pulling.
  • Indoors or in protected outdoor environments, these tapes are dependable and will hold and insulate to get the job done.
    And because they are made by 3M, one of the most recognizable and trusted brands of vinyl electrical tape around the world, you can be assured that they are manufactured with consistent and reliable quality to perform

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Everyday Use

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    Various performance levels to meet your everyday jobs

    • Good stick for basic holding and harnessing
    • Broad temperature ranges to perform in standard indoor and protected outdoor applications
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Trusted Companion

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    Reliable performance by a brand you trust

    • Consistent quality
    • Locally stocked for dependable availability
  • 3M Temflex 165 General Use Tape
    The Electrical Tape for daily insulation, harnessing, and marking.

    When you need a dependable, multi-purpose general purpose PVC electrical tape, use 3M™ Temflex™ Tape 165. This affordable solution offers reliable performance for protective jacketing, harnessing, marking and insulating low voltage cables in non-critical applications.

  • 3M Temflex 175 General Use Tape
    The Electrical Tape for tough indoor or simple outdoor bundling & insulation.

    3M™ Temflex™ Tape 175 s a high performance, durable general purpose electrical tape. This tape solution offers value and reliable performance for protective jacketing, harnessing and insulating low voltage cables in indoor and protected outdoor applications.