Professional Grade Scotch Vinyl Electrical Tape

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The family of Scotch® Professional Grade Vinyl Electrical Tapes are are backed by more than 75 years of 3M science and field-tested performance, and designed to work reliably in a wide range of standard to industrial conditions.

  • That means our backings and adhesives are rigorously tested to stand up to and meet your tough challenges.
  • They stretch, stick, stay stuck – and stand up in heavy-duty and industrial installations, extreme cold and heat, as well as moist or corrosive environments.
  • And because these are the only vinyl electrical tapes made in the USA* and supported globally by excellent local service, you have peace of mind that the tapes you rely on will be available for those critical projects, important installations that need to last, and when unexpected weather or unforeseen problems increase the need for maintenance and repair of your essential electrical systems.

3M vinyl electrical tapes
The Good Stuff
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Extreme Environments
Cold or Hot | Moisture | Outdoor

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    An electrical professional faces harsh conditions on the job. This can mean making splices in freezing conditions. Only premium vinyl tapes can stick quickly in very low temperatures because their adhesive remains soft and sticky. In extreme heat, electricians want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, especially when overwrapping a mastic electrical tape which is engineered to flow when warm. If an economy vinyl tape with low adhesive strength is used in a very hot environment; over time it will curl, become brittle and crack, compromising the electrical insulation.

    • Strong adhesive consistently sticks in cold temperatures
    • Remains stable and sticks in extreme heat
    • Stretches and conforms for a nice, tight seal in moist, dry, and outdoor environments
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High Performance
Adhesion | Dielectric | Elongation

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    Premium vinyl electrical tapes have higher values across the key components that impact performance. The stronger the adhesive and the more flexible and conforming the backing, the better the stretch and seal. If the installation is critical, a professional would rather not take risks with their job, their safety or their reputation.

    • High quality vinyl that conforms and stretches
    • Aggressive, electrical-grade adhesive is perfect for low voltage primary insulation
    • Flexible backings and strong adhesives combine to help deliver a reliable, tight seal
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Peace of Mind
Critical Jobs | Safety | Reliability | Reputation

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    Sometime electrical professionals cant afford tape failures. Whether it’s the environment an application will be exposed to or a requirement to ensure life saving power or avoid dangerous or catastrophic failures, or just your reputation for high quality work and exceptional service, critical jobs are a way of life. When an installation is hard to get to, like a stadium light, up in the mast of an ocean liner or down in a mineshaft; electricians like to ‘do it right the first time.’ To professionals, it makes sense to use some of the strongest, most durable products. A premium grade tape applied correctly helps reduce the risk of downtime caused by common electrical failures. Premium tapes are engineered for critical applications when you can’t afford to fail.

    • Consistent quality and made in the USA
    • The tapes to use when you can’t afford costly downtimes and electrical failures
    • Helps reduce the risk of unscheduled repairs
    • Dependable performance you can trust
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  • 3M Super 33 Vinyl Electrical Tape product image
    The Electrical Tape for everyday and moist, corrosive or tough environments.

    For your most demanding electrical maintenance and repair jobs and the most reliable performance and quality, turn to Scotch® Super 33+™ Tape. Its unique combination of aggressive pressure-sensitive, rubberresin adhesive and elastic PVC backing offers both moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection, and its excellent strength, flexibility, and recovery means it can stretch up to 250% without breaking.

  • 3M Tape 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape product image
    The Electrical Tape for long-lasting, fade-resistant marking and color-coding.

    Available in a wide variety of colors, Scotch® Tape 35 is your go-to solution for phase identification, color coding, marking and more in more demanding or harsh environments. It stretches easily and adheres in almost any shape or angle for maximum versatility.

  • 3M Super 88 Vinyl Electrical Tape product image
    The Electrical Tape for outdoor, high vibration and abrasive applications.

    When you need to build a protective jacket and/or electrical insulation for splices and cables, choose Scotch® Tape Super 88. Made of a thicker, most durable PVC backing and the same great premium-grade adhesive as Scotch® Super 33+™ Tape, it performs in all weather, providing protection you can trust.