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Worker peeling liner off of 3M Vinyl Mastic Pad

3M Mastic Electrical Tapes

Mastics help you smooth out odd shapes, and add insulation where electrical tapes can't reach.


Why choose 3M Professional Mastic Electrical Tapes?

  • image of 3M mastic being wrapped around irregular electrical connection
    Provides self-healing moisture protection and padding
    • Extend the life of your repairs with self-healing mastics, where the mastic will flow to fill the void from punctures
    • Provides a moisture seal against water and oil
    • The 1000x stretch helps shape and pad sharp edges or bolted connections
  • image of ants crawling around
    Protects against what's eating your cables
    • Guard your splices, terminations, and underground connections from moisture and contaminants that may corrode conductors
    • Ants and pests are attracted to electrical fields.  Reduce your maintenance costs by wrapping connections in mastic
  • image of 3M vinyl mastic electrical tape being wrapped around electrical connection
    Reduce installation time with pre-laminated mastics
    • Vinyl backed tapes have a strong, flexible, abrasion resistant PVC backing which provide a barrier from moisture and corrosive elements.
    • Rubber tapes are designed for use in splicing and terminating wires and cables with options rated up to 69kV.

Which tape is right for you?

Watch 3M Mastic Tapes in action

  • Demonstration of 3M Mastic Tape self-healing technology on a puncture
    Watch 3M Mastic Self Heal from a knife puncture
  • Demonstration on how to install 3M Mastic Tape 2229
    Learn how to apply 3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Mastic Tape 2229

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